Flight Instruction

We offer quality, affordable flight instruction in a Piper Warrior. Whether you are new to flying or are looking to add an instrument rating to your certificate, we have a team of expert flight instructors ready to assist, please contact Evan Fessler at efessler@columbiajet.aero for more information.

Fuel Information

Columbia Jet Center provides fuel services for all civilian and military aircraft using only the highest quality fuels from Phillips 66. We accept Phillips contract fuel as well as other into-plane contract fuel programs.

Hangar Information

Columbia Jet Center has hangar space available for both based-customers and transients alike. Please call ahead for availability and rates. Transient customers are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Charter Information

Columbia Jet Center coordinates charter services.  For those wishing to fly privately please call, fill out the online form, or email bgriffin@columbiajet.aero to request a quote.

Aircraft Sales

Columbia Jet Center is pleased to provide aircraft sales and broker services! Whether you are buying or selling, we are ready to assist you in every phase of the process. To learn how a business aircraft can benefit you and add to your bottom line, please contact us at csr@columbiajet.aero.


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